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Pi Network

 Pi Network, a cryptocurrency mining app for mobile users, may have been connected to 17GB worth of personal data leaks, a Vietnamese news outlet reported on Monday. The treasure trove of personal data was apparently taken from the Know Your Customer checks of users of Pi Network, according to the person who posted it to hacker Pi Network hangout RaidForums on Thursday. The identity cards of an estimated 10,000 Vietnamese citizens were placed for sale, along with Pi Network connected home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. The seller placed a price tag of $9,000 on the data, payable in either Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC).

Pi Network

Phien Vo, a moderator of a Vietnamese Pi Network group chat channel, told VnExpress that Pi Network’s KYC checks are performed by a third party, adding that Vietnamese identity cards like those in question aren’t compatible with the app. However, Vo did indicate that an older version of the app was compatible with the cards at one point.

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“To perform KYC verification on Pi Network, Vietnamese would need to use their passports. Only some users who used earlier versions of Pi could perform KYC verification using their driver licenses, but so far the system has yet to Pi Network accept Vietnamese identity cards,” Vo said. Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security’s cybersecurity division has since launched an pi network price investigation into the matter. An Pi Network independent investigation into Pi Network’s perceived value was recently conducted by Cem Dilmegani, a tech entrepreneur and founder of AIMultiple. Written weeks prior to the recent data leak, the review Pi Network concluded that Pi Network bore the hallmarks of a multilevel marketing scheme, or an affiliate marketing program.

The Pi app reportedly demands users log in every day and click a button to receive their PI coins. No blockchain consensus algorithm, like proof-of-work or proof-of-stake, is Pi Network used in the app, and users can gain increased mining rates by referring other people. The PI token is not yet traded on exchanges and has no dollar value.

How much does pi network cost?

On 18 March, Digital Coin’s Pi Network esteem assumption 2021-2025 projected that the coin’s expense would rise from a typical Pi Network of $0.0107 in 2021 to $0.0127 in 2022, and $0.0212 by 2025. Over the more broadened term, it expected the Pi cost to average $0.0319 by 2028.

Is Pi network worth anything?

The Pi Network cryptographic money is presently worthless all things considered in stage 2 turn of events and has Pi Network not yet sent off on the blockchain, however a back-end commercial center as of Pi Network now has clients trading the cash for up to $10 a coin.

Is Pi network free money?

Pi isn’t free cash. It is a drawn out project whose achievement relies upon the aggregate commitments of its individuals. Pi Network is committed to aiding regular individuals catch more financial worth that today Pi Network goes to banks, innovation goliaths (e.g., Facebook, Amazon), and different mediators.

Can I sell PI coin?

You can not pull out or sell Pi coins this time. Pi digital currency isn’t recorded at this point. Emphatically, individuals Pi Network accept that it will be recorded in March 2021 and afterward you will likewise know the worth of pi coin. Later that you can pull out it.

Does PI have a future?

Given the quantity of clients who have joined to mine the coin, forecasters like Changelly anticipate that the PI cost could ascend to $1 later it begins exchanging on digital currency trades. In any case, the coin has Pi Network not been sent off. It’s difficult to foresee its future with any level of exactness.

Is Pi similar to Bitcoin?

Pi is another name among digital forms of money across the world. It is a cryptographic money that customary individuals can mine utilizing their cell phones. … Famous digital currencies like Bitcoin are Pi Network difficult to oversee by ordinary individuals. Yet, in the Pi organization, clients are the principle drivers of the crypto coin market.

Is Pi network fake?

The application works like an immediate selling or subsidiary showcasing framework, promising potential Pi Network compensations to clients for getting new clients. … Clients are placing esteem into the application. There are many posts web based saying PI Network can not be a trick since clients don’t put any cash it.

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