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Some she did well, and others, she got fired from. She thought she had enough of an emergency fund to pay her rent while she found her next job. But she quickly realized that the money she’d invested for emergencies wasn’t accessible without a large penalty. Before March, the MasterClass attracted on average 96% men.

is invest diva legit

To a lot of people that’s a dream, but to me… something was missing. For one, I recommend that you get acquainted with business concepts first. Yes, there are numerous online sources to learn those from, but it is still better if you have a background in it. Kiana’s skills and experience make her credible enough to be teaching you how to invest. It is actually impressive how Kiana has found success in this, regardless of all the odds she faced. Of course, it could also be attributed to the sexist culture in business.

There’s a lot to learn from this story

Love that there is lifetime access and the fb community is also an amazing way to connect with people on the same journey! It gives you motivation to continue and keep going. There are risks within the 401K because there will always be risks with any investment. Anyone that tells you a sure way to make money with no potential downside is a liar and you should be careful. Most employees fail to make money from their 401K because the system is filled with people and tricks built to scam money out of you, so they listen to these people and invest in the worst funds.

You cannot expect to reap rewards straight away, especially when you are just starting. Basically, you can only enroll to classes, but you should not expect them to be your financial advisor. After all, that is the one thing they are advising against, as they reiterate that you learn investing by yourself. What Kiana is pushing is that you can make some passive income without being an investment expert, and without having to stare at your screen the entire day. Invest Diva is a company that is dedicated to teaching women how to invest their money.


I agree with all the point against the 401k and the like. Don’t know what type of investment this article is selling and I don’t much care either. I don’t like giving my money to someone else to watch over, I can do that myself.

It’s just more proof that the 401 is a scam and you have little or no control over what they do with your hard-earned life’s savings. And you will also save fees and be protected from people trying to scam you. You have control of your money without government penalties or restrictions on how much income you can take or when you can take it. Yet Wall Street has brainwashed us into believing we must risk our money in order to get any kind of decent returns. And so we continue to blindly fund our 401s like lemmings following each other off a cliff.

Invest Diva Review ( : Is Kiana Danial A Legit Financial Advisor?

Even if you don’t experience all the extras that I have, simply gaining the feeling of SECURITY due to your ability and skill to grow your money is the only thing that matters. I invested in the PowerCourse Dec 2020 and completed the course in Jan 2021. I regularly tune into the PIG analysis to make sure that my analysis is on point, ideas for new investments and gain confidence in my own investing skill. She is an immigrant from Iran, where her family lost it all when there was a regime change, to the point where her dad was almost killed.

It turns we didn’t own the building we were remodeling. Also, Instead of paying the bills, that money also went into the new building. My 2,601 share investment of over $39,000 during a 15 year period went from over $400.00 per share ($1,010,100.00) to $0.01 a share. I tried to cash out my $26.01 retirement fund but was told I needed to pay a $100.00 processing fee to the firm that was managing what was left in the fund.

Kiana’s course is straight forward, still challenging enough to build your knowledge, and at the same time really detailed that the value you get from it is much more than what you’re paying. At the beginning I felt a bit overwhelmed, but now things are starting to click! I had my mid-term check in call today with Tristan and it was so incredibly helpful. I find his experience in the past couple of years so encouraging; he really knows his stuff and I felt that our call today was just the push I needed to keep going. Cryptocurrency is risky even when you aren’t dealing with scammers. Hackers can infiltrate your transactions and steal money.

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Today, I’m making money online on a full-time basis, and this website is just one of the many I created. While my specialty is taking a look at various ways to make money online and reviewing them, I also do toy reviews on occasion. Before you decide to commit to this company, you should read this Invest Diva review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it. The cost of essential products and services is growing while wages are static. Obviously, there isn’t enough money to go around, which is a major issue.

If you want someone who will talk straight with you, respect your time, and show you a business that might actually work for you, you should watch this short video. Track your ranks and reviews from Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more. It is absolutely possible that these returns are for real. However, I would never buy an educational product from someone based on result claims like these.

Since when have they done anything but take your money and keep it? They don’t care about the financial state of America. If they did, the government would t continue to fell further into debt and the corporations woulld preserve a healthy middle class. Don’t trust them or anyone else for that matter when it comes to my family’s well being. As we’ve shown here, the fees in traditional retirement plans can consume as much as one-third to one-half of your savings over time.

Learning skills to increase her income and investing wisely helped build her fortune. Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith breaks down how markets and commodities are trading early on in the historically volatile month of September. MJ Capital Funding claimed to raise cash to lend to small merchants, but prosecutors say most went to the owners or was used to pay back earlier investors.

Hi Veronica, I’m sorry you weren’t happy with the Staging Diva Sales Script. Had you written to us directly I could have addressed your concerns. WesternFX broker review All my products come with a money back guarantee because I’m committed to building a community of people who are happy to be part of it.

Sure, courses can help you with that, but courses are not free. Also, even if you invest in a good course, it still falls on your hands whether you can succeed or not. It doesn’t specify the programs being offered whatsoever. There is also no information regarding what you can expect from the programs.

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